Cost-Effective Planning Advice for Individuals and Corporations


We can provide a wide range of planning advice.   Many people are new to the planning process and our great experience means that you can be confident you will get the right advice.  We can assist with the coordination and submission of applications as well as providing town planning input.

Our understanding of the system means that we can provide the highest quality advice in short time frames – often a critical factor in property purchase and development. 

Examples of planning advice we have provided include:

  • Advice on whether certain works require development consent or can be exempt of complying development;
  • Advice on whether Section 94 contributions requirements on a development are reasonable;
  • Advice on conditions placed on a development consent;
  • Advice on impact of planning proposal on property portfolio;
  • Advice on development potential of property.
  • Advice on the preparation of Green Travel Plans.
  • Advice on issues relating to licenced premises including Plans of Management.