Land and Environment Court Representation


Land and Environment Court Representation, Planning advice, town planning, town planners, Sydney, North Shore, Ingham Planning

Founder Neil Ingham is one of the most prominent and well respected expert planning witnesses in providing evidence to the Court.  He has been ably assisted in the preparation of evidence for many years by Director Brett Brown and Brett has, in turn, learnt from Neil and is now also sought after in this particular field of expertise.  Most recently he was asked to give his opinion in regard to an appeal relating to Barangaroo.

Nick Juradowitch also specialises in preparing evidence for the Court with his particular areas of expertise being land acquisition compensation claims, telecommunication facilities, residential and mixed use development, seniors housing and subdivision.

We have experience in a wide range of roles including:

  • acting as a planning expert for developers;
  • acting as a planning expert for Councils and other government authorities;
  • acting as a Court Appointed Expert;
  • acting for objectors to development;
  • providing peer review of other expert evidence.