Rezoning and Masterplan Proposals



Getting your land rezoned is one on the most difficult outcomes to achieve because it involves both State and Local Government and you have no right of appeal to the Land and Environment Court.  It requires very sound application of the planning principles that form the basis the NSW Environmental Planning and Act 1979 and the Planning Strategies that apply to the land.  It also requires good negotiation skills and a knowledge of the key players in the process.  We have these skills and have been successful in having the following land rezoned:

A large vacant industrial site in Rozelle to allow mixed use development

Rural land in Cessnock to allow an integrated tourist/residential development for up to 1364 dwellings

An existing commercial use on residential land in Hornsby that did not enjoy existing use rights


The preparation of a Masterplan usually forms part of a large scale rezoning.  We assist urban design and other experts in ensuring that Masterplans will be consistent with the proposed zoning and will achieve the appropriate planning outcomes.  They set out the basic parameters by which future development can be assessed and approved.  We have been involved with the following significant Master Plans:

The Master Plan for the Sydney Olympic site at Homebush

The Master Plan for Fox Studios at Moore Park

The Master Plan for the Anvil Creek tourism/residential development in the Hunter Valley

The Master Plan for Callan Park at Rozelle