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Development assessment
reports for DAs, SSDs and REFs 

We have been successful in gaining approval for thousands of development applications (DA’s). These range from a simple carport (still highly contentious in some areas!) to very large scale developments involving iconic buildings such as those at Sydney Olympic Park and Centrepoint
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Planning Proposals and Master Plans

Planning Proposals typically seek to amend Local Environmental Plans (LEP’s) to allow different uses (rezoning) or to increase development potential (increasing height and floor space limits). Amending an LEP is one of the most difficult planning outcomes to achieve because it involves both State and Local Government and you have no right of appeal to the Land and Environment Court.
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Submissions to state and local Government

Whilst development is a critical and necessary part of our society, we believe that it needs to be ‘done right’. Often it’s not and as such we are commonly requested by neighbours concerned about the impact of development on their property.
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Representation at a Planning Panel or Land and Environment Court  

Many DA’s are now not determined by local Councils but independent Planning Panels.  Being able to present a persuasive argument to a Panel is critical as this is where the decision is made to approve or refuse development.
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Development feasibility, due diligence and land acquisition

Having good advice at an early stage of the development process is of critical importance in your financial modeling. We can identify how to exploit the applicable development controls in order to maximize the development potential of property.
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